Using the HelloSign API and White Labeling to Boost Your Brand and Delight Your Users

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“At last, something beautiful you can truly own.”

That was the slogan for the ad campaign Sterling Cooper Draper Price — the advertising agency from the show Mad Men — came up with to sell Jaguar cars.

At HelloSign, this is pretty much how we feel about our eSignature white labeling and API functionality. We made the tools beautiful, but we allow you to put your name on them.

OK, so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But while we may not have hired a Madison Avenue ad agency to come up with a sweet slogan for our product line, we did meticulous research and design a white-labeling workflow that will boost your brand visibility, give you the power to effortlessly provide a great user experience, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of the embedded signing experience for your users and how white labeling can add that extra gloss that puts your UX over the top.

What Are Embedded Signing and White Labeling?

Embedded signing allows you to have users sign signature requests on your site or application in an iFrame.

If you’re using HelloSign, that signature can kick off a host of other workflows, but we’ll save those details for another time. You also can customize the look, feel, and functionality of your embedded eSignature to create a truly white-labeled experience, which brings us to our next point.

By embedding signature functionality in your application, you can use the UI of the app to start the signature workflow and empower your users to send or sign documents without leaving your app — no need to jump over to their email inbox or open another app.

White labeling allows you to customize the logo, color scheme, and legal text of the signer page. White labeling is what allows HelloSign to blend seamlessly into an app or website for a smoother, consistent signing experience.

Basically, with white labeling, you get all the awesome functionality we’ve built over the years and your users will think you’ve created it all from scratch!

To really get to know what white labeling is and what it can do, try HelloSign's API white labeling in real-time.

Animation of the HelloSign API white labeling experience

Benefits of White Labeling

Let’s get right down to it — when you combine embedded eSignatures with a white labeling experience, what are the benefits you receive?

Brand Visibility

The brand you’ve worked so hard to create is front and center throughout the whole experience with white labeling. If you’ve designed a great experience; your logo, color scheme, and messaging will be present throughout.

Plug-and-Play Functionality

At HelloSign, electronic signatures are what we do — complete with enterprise-grade security and so much more. Plug our high-tech eSignature functionality into your applications and website and never worry about it ever again, because there’s a whole team of experts behind the scenes constantly handling the details and making improvements.

Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

When you use the HelloSign API, you never have to settle for an experience that’s not designed exactly how you want it — and, more importantly, how your customers want it. Improve the customer experience by customizing the exactly-right customer journey and using your customizable eSignature software to bring it to life smoothly and securely.

A graph showing how much more revenue a satisfied customer contributes versus a less satisfied customer

Save Time and Money

Look, we’re sure your engineering team could build out an electronic signature system, but why spend the time and money when you could plug in a team of experts who have already thought through and built every piece of functionality you need?

White labeling allows you to spend more time (and time is money!) on your own applications.

HelloSign’s E-Signature API with White Labeling

HelloSign is the only eSignature solution that provides the embedded signing and white labeling that allows developers to integrate eSignature processes into their application seamlessly. Our white labeling gives developers fully customizable branding — they can change the color, copy, and even remove the “Powered by HelloSign” tagline so it looks like the eSignature is a native part of the application. Additionally, developers can add their own logo into the signing process, giving signers the full on-brand experience that is important to a lot of businesses and users for a seamless eSignature flow.

In these ways, HelloSign looks to be a partner to your organization, not a vendor.

Instead of restricting your ability to customize your electronic signature process with a rigid structure, we open up the doors to let your developers use our technology via our API that allows you to combine the best of what we do with the best of what you do.

And of course, with that type of partnership, it’s your users that really win.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how AdvicePay was able to test, build, and launch the HelloSign API within two weeks in order to achieve 100% synchronization of contracts and invoices and speed up their time to manage user contracts by 50%.

Time to give embedded white label eSignatures a try? Check out more features of our API or get in touch to talk about our API today.

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