How The Best HR Teams Use eSignatures to Work Smarter

How The Best HR Teams Use eSignatures to Work Smarter

Between figuring out how to balance hundreds of employee requests and concerns, making sure new employees get the support they need, and growing a culture (sometimes from scratch) – HR professionals have a lot of demands to juggle. 

We wanted to figure out a way we could help make HR professionals days and jobs just a little bit easier. So we looked at different ways online paperwork and eSignatures can be used to support HR teams as they create the HR workflows of their dreams. 

For example, using tools like online document templates and eSignatures are an easy way to level up any onboarding plan. Not only do these tools make completing paperwork easier for your new employee, they also save HR professionals precious time by eliminating the need to print documents or format the same documents again and again. 

The benefits of an online onboarding program go beyond increasing efficiency, too. HR teams that improve the process of onboarding are also more likely to experience success. A study by iCMS shared that improved employee onboarding can lead to a 200%+ increase in employee retention. 

We put together a guide for HR teams who are looking to create kick-butt workflows that support HR productivity and improved HR effectiveness.

The guide includes several stats on the state of HR teams plus actionable tips on how you can build eSignatures into your HR workflows. 


Download “How HR Teams Use eSignatures to Hire Smarter” here.


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